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Java Programming

JAVA Technology

Become a Professional Software Developer in Java. We Explore the various concepts and APIs from CORE(Console) Java Training to Advanced(GUI) Java Programming, to get you Established in the world of Java Technology…

Android Development with Java

Android Development

We Offer Hands-on Android Development Training. Become a Professional Android Developer using Java Technology.

C++ Programming

C++ Programming

We Offer the best Hands-on training for our Clients in C++. Our C++ Training provides you with in-depth C++ Programming from CORE(Console) Training to UI Programming in C++…

PHP Programming

Web Programming with PHP

Become a Professional Website Developer with PHP. We Offer hands-on training on Server-Side Scripting using PHP to get our Clients Established in Web Development…


Website Development

Website Development

We develop and manage websites for different platforms. With high experts and professionals at our disposal, our core objective is channeled at developing high responsive web applications that will surely meet your business or company’s specifications and requirements…

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project Materials

Project Materials

We provide Project materials for final year students in Higher Institutions: Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics & Colleges of Education. With rich and quality project materials, you can be rest-assured of an excellent result in your project work. We provide materials and software programs specially for Computer [Science & Engineering] students…

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Software Development

Software Development

Our Software Developments have been proven reliable, efficient, portable and robust. Our softwares are designed based on clients’ criteria, specifications and requirements.
We develop software programs for different platforms. Our softwares are developed using varieties of programming languages including; JAVA, C++, VB 6.0, VB.Net, C#…

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Our Networking team has been set up to providing powerful and efficient Networking services for our clients. We offer a reliable and security-driven Networking Modelling for different platforms. Based on our clients criteria and requirements, we set up robust networks for Offices, Business Centres, Homes…

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Web design

Web Development Training

Want to become a professional Web developer?
Then the time is NOW. We provide in-depth and high quality Web design Training for our clients. We provide our clients with core insights on the concepts of web development from the very scratch till the final implementation of the website. We give our clients Hands-on training on web development using different platforms including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Java Applets, ASP.Net, WordPress, Joomla…

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data processing

Data Processing Training

Our Data processing Training covers the various most used software packages used in business and different institutions to transform Data into meaningful Information which helps in efficient decision making for Business Administrators. We cover Software Packages including; Word Processing[MS WORD], Spreadsheet Application[MS EXCEL], Database Management System Application[MS ACCESS], Presentation Packages[MS POWERPOINT]…

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programming Training

Software Development Training

We offer High intensive and Hands-On training in computer software developments. Computer programmers use their skills to write codes and create software programs that tell computers to accomplish certain tasks like retrieving data. Eminent Concepts provides you with in-depth concepts, rudiments and core training in computer programming. We provide training for the most sought-after programming languages including; JAVA, C++, C#, VB.Net, VB 6.0, PHP…

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Android Development:

We Offer Hands-on Android Development Training. Learn the various Concepts to get you started in your Android Development Career.

We provide Android Development Solution using Java Technology.
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WordPress Programming:

We Offer Hands-on Website Development with WordPress. Learn the various Concepts to get you started in your Web Development Career.

We provide intuitive Web Development Solution using WordPress Technology.

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